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To have another language is to possess a second soul. ‒ Charlemagne

Languages are taught, primarily, through listening and speaking.  We aim to give children an understanding of what it means to learn new languages and the purpose of that learning.  We give pupils a basic foundation in European languages - French and Spanish. Pupils learn basic vocabulary and the grammar that is necessary to communicate through both spoken and written language. 


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Our scheme of work

This year, pupils will be learning through our new Language Angels scheme of work. This gives them access to games and puzzles to help them practise their new skills at home as well as in school. 


To do this, pupils can visit www.languageangels.com and log in using their TT Rockstars username and password. 


What our pupils think

"Learning a language is really fun - it's cool to have the Abbey Park teachers too"

"I like being able to say things in a different language to my friends"

"When we learn languages, we play lots of games to help us remember the words!"


What can languages lead to?

Supporting your child in becoming multi-lingual can lead to a wide variety of careers, including:

  • Broadcast journalist.
  • Detective.
  • Diplomatic service officer.
  • Education consultant.
  • English as a foreign language teacher.
  • International aid/development worker.
  • Logistics and distribution manager.
  • Marketing executive
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