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Our Vision


We want all children to be...

  • Empowered to celebrate their individuality and foster healthy and meaningful relationships.
  • Empowered to develop their own understanding of the world around them.
  • Inspired by the prospect of new challenges.
  • Respectful of each other, the environment and themselves
  • Physically and mentally healthy and safe
  • Curious about the world around them, constantly striving to learn more.
  • Enthusiastic about their school experience
  • Confident in the fact that they are supported and nurtured
  • Active participants in their own learning, striving for individual excellence

We want our curriculum to...

  • Foster curiosity and creativity to the extent that it inspires our pupils to take their learning further.
  • Deliver national requirements in a manner that is relevant to the wider world in which our pupils will grow into adults contributing positively to society.
  • Challenge and motivate our pupils to have high aspirations for themselves and those around them.
  • Be accessible to all pupils, reflecting the diverse and unique community that we belong to.
  • Include memorable experiences that contribute to pupils’ understanding of the world.

What we want

  • All partners to work together to support children to feel safe and nurtured.
  • All partners to support the school’s vision
  • Our school to be an integral part of our local community.
  • Our community to feel proud of our school.
  • All members of the school community to feel valued and that they have a voice.
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