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What is mental health and wellbeing?

Just like it's important to keep our bodies healthy, it's important to keep our minds healthy too!

There are days when our minds might feel full and busy. On these days, we can do lots of things to help keep ourselves calm and happy.  

How can we do this?


“Daily wellbeing helps me think about things I can struggle with and this helps me find solutions. It makes me feel good.” Year 6 child

Breathing activities

Breathing exercises can help you to remain calm and happy.

Blowing Bubbles

Even if you don't have actual bubbles to blow, the action of pretending to blow bubbles can really help you to be calm.

Blowing bubbles(1)

Square Breathing

Square breathing

5 Finger Breathing

See Jacob and Eduard model how to do the 5 finger breathing technique. 
Remember slow and calm are key.

IMG_0071 5 finger breathing 1.MOV

Lazy 8 Breathing

Watch Misha and Miley model how to do the lazy 8 breathing technique. 

Can you join along with them?

Lazy 8 1.MOVIMG_0070.MOV
Lazy 8 breathing

Belly Breathing

Rainbow Breathing

Meditation Videos

Meditation is where you breath and focus your mind on either your breathing, an object or a thought. Meditation is a way of taking notice and making you aware of your body. 

There are many different guided meditation videos out there. Below are some of them. 

“I like the calming music when we meditate.” Year 5 child

Mindfulness Activities

What helps you to feel calm and mindful? This will be different for everyone as we’re all individuals.
Below are some links for activity ideas.

The BBC created a lesson on growth mindset and wellbeing. Follow the link below to watch and participate in the lesson.

The Growth Mindset and Wellbeing Lesson https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/growth-mindset-and-wellbeing-lesson/z4g4382

Teddy breathing

Lie with your back on the floor and place a soft toy on your tummy. Breathe in and out slowly and deeply and try to concentrate on the way your toy rises and falls with your breathing.


Focussed listening

Listen carefully with your eyes closed to any sounds you can hear. After one minute, open your eyes and write down everything you heard.


Sensory bottles are a fantastic way of helping you to be calm and mindful. Watch the videos below for instructions on how to make your own. 

Notice your surroundings using your five sense

5 senses

Asking for help

Remember that there are always people here for you.


Talk to an adult you trust.

This could be someone in your family like your mum, dad, grandparent or carer.

It may be an adult from school.

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