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Young Carers

Am I a Young Carer?

Young carers are children who look after someone within their family home. This may be a parent, brother, sister or other family member who has an illness, physical or learning disability, a mental health illness or misuse of drugs or alcohol.

A young carer usually takes on practical and/or emotional caring responsibilities that would normally be expected of an adult.

The Young Carer team supports children aged 5 years and up.

How can Swindon Carers Centre help?

When we receive a young carer referral, the team will contact the family to arrange a home or school visit to meet with the young person to undertake a young carers assessment.

This assessment is about exploring the young person’s caring role along with other areas of their life such as school, friendships and what they like doing. This gives the Young Carer Support Practitioner a good understanding of how Swindon Carers Centre can support. Where appropriate, we will be able to offer a break away from their caring role, this may be school holiday activities and/or term time groups. Our assessment also helps to see if other local services would be relevant to the young carer and their family.

If you wish to refer a young person to Swindon Carers Centre, you can make a self-referral using our online referral form or request a paper copy.

At Orchid Vale, we have an active group of Young Carers who meet once a term.  This is an opportunity for them to get together, chat about life or just sit and have a bit of time doing something nice.  The Young Carers have a named adult to go to and that person is available to support them if they need it.  We have achieved the Young Carers Award and have been very proud to feature in their magazine.  

Please click on this link for the Swindon Young Carers:https://www.swindoncarers.org.uk/young-carers/

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