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“The world is full of wonders but they become more wonderful not less wonderful when science looks at them.” -  Sir David Attenborough

We aim to harness children's natural excitement and curiosity whilst inspiring them to pursue scientific enquiry.  Throughout the primary years, children should learn to explain and analyse phenomena, make predictions and solve problems. We want to ensure that all pupils at Orchid Vale Primary School are taught the key knowledge and skills in the scientific disciplines of chemistry, physics and biology to develop an understanding of the world around them at an age-appropriate level and in line with the National Curriculum.

As a school, we aim to nurture a love for the natural world, excitement for future possibilities in science and provide many opportunities for pupils to respond creatively in their learning.  

What our pupils say

I enjoy science because when we do experiments, I learn new things like which finches’ beak is the best at picking up food. 

I like science because we get to do fun experiments.  

Science at Orchid Vale is fun and interactive.  We have plenty of resources that we can use for fascinating science lessons. 

I enjoy science because we do awesome experiments that makes us know more things we didn’t know before. Science is also where we learn about things that other scientists have predicted and it is really fascinating. 

I enjoy science as we learn about many fascinating topics such as evolution and inheritance.

I like science as the experiments are very interesting. This week we did an experiment about finches and how their beaks can be different to other finches. 

Investigating magnets#3
Balloon powered vehicles
Understanding diffusion

What does Science lead to?

Supporting your child and their love of Science can lead to many exciting future careers. Some of these include:

  • Analytical chemist.
  • Animal technician.
  • Biomedical scientist
  • Clinical scientist jobs.
  • Community pharmacist. ...
  • Crime scene investigator. ...
  • Food technologist. ...
  • Forensic scientist.


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